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  1. Length: Please make post at least 1500 ~ 2,000 words. Yes, I know this is higher than other guest post requirements, but my readers like information! Plus, search engines prefer more in-depth articles, meaning the longer your guest post on my site, the higher chance it will rank well in Google, meaning more opportunities for click throughs to your blog. I also can’t imagine conveying a well-thought out post idea in less. Give people what they want (people want information!)
  2. 100% ORIGINAL CONTENT. No duplicates from your personal blog or elsewhere. I’ll be putting it in a plagiarizer checker, just FYI.
  3. Images (S) The contributors are required to submit at least 2 photos along with their articles. Make sure that you have permission to use the images. You can choose images from & (please send images URL along with images).
  4. This goes without saying, but any commercial links will be removed automatically. Please email me for commercial link rates.
  5. Format:  Articles should be written in standard English. Articles’ tone should be informative and educational. The article must have heading, subheading and use short paragraphs which are easy to read.
  6. Topic: Articles must be related to “ DIY Projects, hand & power tools, Woodworking, Equipment for Homeowners, Lawn & Garden tools, DIY Workshop Tools, home diy ideas, diy tips, essential diy tools and Accessories for Home Improvement, or other relevant topics”.
  7. Bio:We do not use author’s bio on our website.
  8. Editing: We reserve every right to edit the formatting and wording of your article if necessary.

We Don’t accept

❌ Low quality and non-original content;
❌ Plagiarize contents;
❌ Just pure advertising of your product or service;